Booking terms and cancellations

Booking terms and cancellations

We comply with the following conditions when ordering, reserving and canceling reservations. These conditions become binding on both parties when the customer has paid the rent.

1. Booking and payment

Reservations are made through Karelia Huvilla's website. The entire rental amount is paid at the time of booking. The reservation is definitively valid when the customer's payment appears on our account (Nordea). When booking, the customer is directed to the payment method menu of the payment operator Paytrail, where domestic online banks, the most common credit cards and direct payment services can be selected. If the booker is a company or organization, the invoice can also be addressed to the online invoicing address.

2. Cancellation of booking

Cancellation must always be made in writing. The cancellation is acknowledged by Karelia Huvilla as received by replying to the customer's message. Cancellation is considered to have taken place at the moment Karelia Huvilla is informed of the cancellation. If the customer shows that the cancellation was made and sent to the right address at the right time, the cancellation will be accepted, even if it is late or does not arrive at all. A reservation fee (20% of the price of the reservation) is withheld from the cancellation of the reservation. If the reservation is canceled later than 21 days before the start of the vacation, the price of the entire vacation (including reservation and additional services) will be charged. If the cancellation takes place during the holiday, the payment made by the customer will not be reimbursed. The customer's own travel insurance covers in case of illness according to the terms and conditions of the insurance provider.

3. The lessor's right to cancel the reservation

In case of force majeure, the lessor can cancel the reservation. In that case, the customer has the right to get the amount he paid the lessor back in full.

4. Accommodation in the villas of Karelia Huvilla

The cabin is available to the customer from the day of arrival at 4:00 p.m. to the day of departure at 12:00 p.m., unless otherwise agreed. The holiday destination may be used by a maximum number of people, which is stated in the description of the holiday destination as the number of beds or is agreed upon when booking the holiday destination.

You will receive instructions for arriving and getting the key after paying the rental amount with the reservation. The rental properties have a door code, which also allows for late arrivals. Upon request, it is also possible to receive arrival instructions and a door code by text message.

The customer is responsible for the keys to the holiday apartment. The customer is responsible for the cost of the lost key, the installation of new locks and the ordering of keys.

The use of a hot tub and a caravan/car on the property without the owner's permission is prohibited. Bringing pets into the cabin is prohibited. The customer undertakes to follow any instructions given by the service staff.

Smoking indoors and on glass terraces is strictly prohibited.

5. Compensation for damages

The customer is obliged to compensate for the damage caused to the holiday destination or its movable property. The holiday destination is inspected after each customer.

The holiday destination must be left in a clean condition when leaving. The customer is obliged to compensate the extra cleaning costs, if the cabin is left in a significantly untidy condition that requires a more extensive cleaning than usual.

6. Correctness of information

The lessor reserves the right to correct errors in the price information in the brochures before the contract is concluded. After the contract is concluded, the lessor has the right to increase if the taxes or public fees affecting the price of the holiday service change.

7. Complaints

All remarks and complaints related to the holiday destination must be addressed to the lessor without delay during the stay, as soon as they arise. The lessor has no compensation obligation for complaints made afterwards, if the lessor has not had the opportunity to take corrective actions.

8. Possible disputes

The contracting parties strive to resolve disputes arising from the contract through mutual negotiations. If an agreement is not reached during the negotiations, the disputes will be resolved through the courts in the district court that handles disputes related to the agreements in the area.

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