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Koli is a magnificent destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings any time of the year. Koli's natural beauty is an experience on its own, and it offers a wide range of activities and events to delight every traveler throughout the year. 



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Winter activities

In winter, Koli offers fantastic opportunities for all winter sports enthusiasts. There are marked and illuminated ski trails suitable for both beginners and those with more demanding tastes. The ski slopes located on Ukkokoli are a favorite destination for skiers, set amidst the majestic landscapes of the national park. For snowshoeing and winter hiking, Koli provides a snowy wonderland where you can enjoy the snowy hills and forests. When the ice is safe, Lake Pielinen's ice road offers an adventure and a chance for ice skaters to cross the lake.

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Mountain Biking

In the Koli cycling is a delightful experience. Gravel roads wind their way through traditional countryside landscapes amidst the striking rugged hills. For mountain biking enthusiasts, there are also diverse routes and forest trails to explore.

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In Koli's national landscapes, you can enjoy the peace of nature and beautiful views. Koli offers various options for both short walks and longer hiking adventures, with marked trails to suit everyone's preferences.

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Hiking routes Koli - Lieksa

In the Koli and Lieksa regions, you'll find a network of trails for hiking, mountain biking, trekking and trail running. Discover your favorite among the numerous routes, from easy family day trips to more challenging hikes and wilderness exploration.

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